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ZOOLA Analytics is the only self-serve LMS reporting solution for the world's leading open source learning technology - Moodle and Totara LMS.

  • Find out how long your learners spend in online courses

  • Deal with problems or gaps in your current LMS reporting quickly and cost-efficiently

  • Create and distribute a learning analytics dashboard for your management team 

ZOOLA provides full control and access to all course purchase, enrolment, and learning activity data generating real insights on learning performance in minutes, instead of hours or days.

Benefits of LMS Reporting & Analytics

  • Supports a Data-Driven Mindset: Make analytics part of the fabric of daily operations, L&D must view it as central to solving problems and identifying opportunities.
  • Establishes Shared Goals for Training, Learning & Development: Everybody in the department, from the CLO down to the instructional designer, should share a common goal for alignment.
  • A Tool for Everyone: Today's learning solutions are now supported by powerful reporting and analytics that deliver the right information to the right people, quickly.

Unmatched Visualization

Over 30 chart and graph options, and full flexibility to schedule and share reports and dashboards.



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What Customers Say About Zoola

An ongoing and crucial requirement of ours is to gather and report on student and course data for compliance with Ministry regulations.

Zoola helps us solve many of our reporting issues that previously took days of spreadsheet creation and manual data entry. Zoola now delivers the same reports in seconds.
— CHANTAL HOLLANDER - Director of IT, Adler University
By far the biggest benefit that we have received is our progress reporting. A progress report goes to the student, and to the case manager so they can have a snapshot of where they’re at, and feedback from our advisors. Previously, it was a copy and paste exercise.

Now, reporting is built directly into the LMS, and automatically sends to the case manager and student. A process that normally took us 25 hours a week now takes us maybe 2 or 3.


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Zoola Analytics is provided by Lambda Solutions, an e-learning solutions company, providing learning management systems (LMS) technology, training and services for education, healthcare, and global enterprise organizations.

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