What Can Zoola Do for Your LMS?


Learning Analytics - Why Bother?

Better Control Over Your Data

Zoola gives you access to all of your learning data. This means you control every table, every field and every row. You decide how it is viewed, analyzed, presented, and how and when it is distributed — including data generated by plug-ins.

Ad Hoc Reports & Analysis

Create your own unique reports with full control over the  fields you want, and how you want them sorted, filtered, and presented. Leave it as a table, or choose from a library of more than 30 different chart styles that best summarize the results of your analysis. Further this analysis with a variety of calculated  fields to perform mathematical and statistical analysis.

Interactive Executive Dashboards

Imagine all your ad hoc analysis mashed up in a dashboard uniquely designed for your executives. This single view, blending multiple data points on a single page, presents real-time data and drill-down/through capabilities to zero-in on what matters most.

Understand Time Spent Learning

Produce reports that accurately inform you of the actual time learners spend learning. ZOOLA leverages plug-in capabilities of the Moodle and Totara LMS platforms to track the time learners spend in courses, and modules within those courses. You analyze that time by course, module and across the organization for the insight you need to measure learning effectiveness.

On-Demand Export & Report Scheduling

Export reports to all the popular file formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For situations where reports are required at set intervals, the scheduler allows you to automate email delivery at the time and frequency desired..

Align Learning Goals with your Organization Goals

Whether focused on individual results, team performance, or large-scale training outcomes, your learning goals should map to corporate goals & KPIs.

ZOOLA Analytics aligns learning goals with your organization objectives.

Assess Learning Effectiveness

ZOOLA generates insights from your existing learning management system to help you understand more fully where to invest resources in learning or training.

Spend Less Time

Cut down the time and effort associated with running reports, by as much as 90-95% (or more). ZOOLA helps you spend more time focused on learner outcomes, and overall learning performance of your organization.

Learn About Your Learners

Get a better understanding of who your learners are, what they consume and how they're learning; with ZOOLA, you can continuously improve learning and training program quality, and related resources. 

Like Time Spent Learning - track time that learners spend in courses, and activities within those courses. With Zoola, you can analyze and derive insights to measure learning effectiveness.