Built-in Reports

and Dashboards

All your reporting needs at your fingertips

In addition to providing all the tools you need to create Views, Reports, and Dashboards from scratch, Zoola comes loaded with a library of pre-built Views, Reports, and Dashboards—designed to dive into your LMS data and present stunning visuals and meaningful analytic trends. Once configured, you simply open the materials from the library to receive instant ready-to-go Reports on your learners, courses, and more!

Instructor Dashboard

Share the Zoola Analytics Instructor Dashboard with your Trainers so they can get detailed information about their courses. Review the course statistics to see the overall progress of the class. Use the heatmap to understand when Learners are most likely to be online and interact with them in real-time.  The last access view which Learners are falling behind and progress reports shows who has what left to complete.

Engagement Dashboard

Use Zoola Analytics to see how Learners engage with your courses. This includes analyzing course, activity, and resource views, time spent learning, forum activity, and submissions. Share this report with Trainers so they understand how their Learners engage with their courses and to use that data to focus on areas Learners and enjoy and improve areas that are least engaging.

Analytics Dashboard

Use the Zoola Analytics drag and drop Dashboard Designer to create your own dashboards. Zoola Dashboards are interactive, with drill-down/through capabilities and filters.  Share them with Managers, to track their staff, or Learners, to track their progress.

Effectiveness Dashboard

Use Zoola Analytics to determine the effectiveness of your courses. This includes analyzing feedback or survey ratings, pre and post assessment results, quiz question performance, and competency ratings. Share this report with Trainers so they accurately continuously assess the effectiveness of their courses and identify areas for improvement.

Don’t see a report you need? We can build it for you!