Reporting with LRS

Open Source Learning Record Store (LRS)

What is an LRS?

Learning Record Store (LRS) is where all the data from your learning experiences is stored from your LMS as well as other sources.


It’s like going from standard definition all the way to 4K resolution, allowing you take learning design to the next level.


Expand your data collection beyond your Learning Managment System to include everything that shapes the learning experience.

The Power Of Zoola Analytics And LRS

By integrating Learning Record Store with Zoola Analytics, you can quickly and easily gain a deep understanding of the learning experience you’re providing.


Proving the learning impact of your L&D programs doesn’t have to be limited what’s happening within your LMS anymore. LRS and Zoola let you identify all the other data that would affect a person’s learning experience and bring it all together.


See the big picture all that data paints. Organize, measure, analyze, and report with ease, saving you time, effort, and increasing the return on your learning investment.

Benefits of Zoola Analytics with LRS

Fully Compatible

Zoola works with xAPI and LRS so you can easily see the big picture behind your L&D programs and discover where you can improve the learning experience.

Complex Data Simplified

LRS can store huge amounts of data that Zoola Analytics can automatically transform into easy to understand reports – saving you time, effort, and frustration.

Training and Support

Our team of experts will help you integrate the LRS with Zoola. Training and technical support will be provided to ensure you can hit the ground running without losing a step.

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LRS and LMS are not the same and cannot be replaced with one another. However, both LRS and LMS can work together to capture data that will let you understand more context behind every learning experience.


Use that data-based knowledge to improve engagement, increase the effectiveness of your L&D programs, and prove the impact of those programs.  


If you’re looking for an LMS, check out Moodle or Totara Learn to see which is best suited for you: