Reporting for Moodle

Reporting For Moodle Revolutionized

From Limited To Limitless Functionality

Zoola Analytics is your one-stop solution that complements Moodle to effectively measure every single aspect of the learning process so that you can increase learner engagement and skyrocket training effectiveness.

How Zoola Analytics Is Designed To Benefit Your Business

Get Exactly What You Need

Don’t be limited to only a few custom reports. Create customized solutions, or utilize our expertly designed report templates and dashboards that track every aspect of the learning process.

See The Big Picture

Drill down into data reports to uncover opportunities for improvement, or where to double down on areas of greatest performance.

Easy Integration

Bringing Moodle and Zoola together is simple and painless thanks to our Moodle hosting experts, regardless of how much customization you need.

Support From Zoola Experts

We are here to solve all your learning analytics challenges with unparalleled technical support for exceptional performance.

New to Moodle LMS Or Zoola Analytics?

Moodle is the world’s most popular Learning Management System (LMS), used by the education community and organizations of all shapes and sizes including corporations, hospitals and non-profits for their training needs.


With 100 million users (and growing) and over 100,000 Moodle sites deployed worldwide, this user-friendly eLearning platform serves the learning and training needs of all types of organizations in more than 225 countries worldwide.


Zoola Analytics and Moodle is the perfect match to get access to all the learning data because Zoola was designed to extend the capabilities of Moodle and create reports for compliance training, onboarding training, workplace safety training, and online course development.

Don’t let your learning analytics reporting be limited by Moodle ever again.