Reporting for xAPI

Reporting for xAPI

What is xAPI?

The ‘language’ of your data.


xAPI (or Experience API) is a file format for storing and retrieving all the data from your learning experience in the form a data-based ‘statements’ which are stored in the Learning Record Store in a standardized format of “actor-verb-object”.

Make Informed Decisions

Learning happens everywhere, even outside of your LMS. Understanding the bigger picture allows for more informed insights and more effective solutions.


xAPI allows you to track the learning experience across a variety of systems outside of your LMS, including sales performance, informal training processes, and even job performance.


This mean you can prove the effectiveness of your eLearning process, identify and improve on problem areas, and get the best ROI from your training initiatives.

Need an Learning Record Store?

How Zoola Analytics Is Designed To Benefit Your Business:

See The Big Picture

Go beyond the learning data collected within your LMS so you can clearly see the big picture of what’s affecting your eLearning process.

Get Exactly What You Need

Easily track all the user data, not just from your LMS but also all xAPI-conformant platforms, and easily bring it all together intuitive automated visual reports.

Support From Zoola Experts

Our team of Zoola experts take pride in providing exceptional technical support to answer all your inquiries and make the transition process smooth.

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Tin Can vs SCORM

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a content standard for eLearning developed before xAPI. Because SCORM-compliant content must be housed within LMS and lacks the actor-verb-object formatting of xAPI, it is both inflexible and hard to manage.


Tin Can API (also known as xAPI or Experience API), Is the best tool for the job, and that’s why Zoola is built to get the most out of all xAPI data. xAPI is simply more flexible for managing content and tracks more data in a more robust and user-friendly format.